Prisma Diploma Education

Director, developer & designer

Following the bank collapse in Iceland and consequent employment, Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir developed, designed and directed an innovative, cross-disciplinary university programme, recognized by the Nordic Council in 2010 for being one of the post-recession education programmes that best respond to 21st century work market.

Prisma built skills considered by the World Economic Forum to be the most sought after skills in the work market in 2020: Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity. It also helped students harness their InnSæi, inner compass and sense of purpose, and find balance between the rational and intuitive, creative and analytical.

Students were aged 19-67, with matriculation exams to PhDs.  Among the sixty individuals that lectured in Prisma, were acclaimed writers and artists, a former president of Iceland, leading entrepreneurs and scholars.

Prisma was a pilot education programme (2008-2010) and a collaboration between The Icelandic Academy of Arts, the University of Bifröst and the Academia of Reykjavík.

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