InnSæi – the Sea within (The Power of Intuition)

A feature documentary by Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir and Kristin Ólafsdóttir (2016) A story of soul searching, science, nature, and creativity, “InnSæi” takes us on a global journey to uncover the art of connecting within in today’s world of distraction and stress. Innsæi – The Power of Intuition offers radical insights on how to re-think how we […]

Sustainability – leadership, strategy and business

Director, board member, advisor Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir was the Managing Director of Festa – Center for Sustainability in Iceland 2019-2023, which tripled in size under her leadership and become a unique stakeholder community in Europe, bringing together Iceland’s smallest and largest companies, municipalities, universities, the Environmental Agency and the Central Bank of Iceland. She is a […]

Prisma Diploma Education

Director, developer & designer Following the bank collapse in Iceland and consequent employment, Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir developed, designed and directed an innovative, cross-disciplinary university programme, recognized by the Nordic Council in 2010 for being one of the post-recession education programmes that best respond to 21st century work market. Prisma built skills considered by the World Economic […]

Work with the United Nations on complex emergencies, development & leadership

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir has held various positions with the United Nations. She was the programme manager for UNIFEM (now UN Women), during its first post-conflict reconstruction programme, in Kosovo 2001-2002. The programme focused on Governance, Gender and Leadership and resulted in the creation of a Kosovo Action Plan on Gender Equality and Gender Equality Law. She held […]

UN Women Butterfly Week

Spokesperson & Co-Creator In 2008, the National Committee of UNIFEM / UN Women in Iceland held the first Butterfly Week, to raise funds for the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. The Butterfly Week raised 1.4 million USD; which was then the highest contribution to UNIFEM from a National Committee. Here is a Reliefweb coverage […]

Project 7 – what if the finance sector became a force for sustainability?

Artistic Director and Co-Founder, 2012 Imagine what the world could be like in 7 generations from now, if the finance sector became a force for sustainability?  What is the tipping point for such a change?  And how can we ignite it? Project 7 aimed to invite 9 young artists and creative thinkers in the Nordic countries, to […]

Hverra mamma ert þú?

Poet & concept developer Hverra mamma ert þú? is a three dimensional book of poetry co-created by an architect, Hildigunnur Sverrisdottir and a visual artist, Soffia Guðrun Kr. Johannsdottir. Hverra mamma ert þú? explores the world beyond words and the subconscious relationship human beings have to Mother Earth. The book received a grant from Hlaðvarpinn […]

Orbis Terræ – Ora

Playwright Orbis Terræ-Ora was a theatrical performance based on the play The Island Remains, written by Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir. The piece was developed through devised theatre methods, directed by Margret Vilhjalmsdottir and was premiered at theReykjavík Arts Festival in the Culture House in Reykjavík in 2009. Over 30 artists took part in creating Orbis Terræ-Ora, including the […]

Short films for UNIFEM / UN Women

Co-created by Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir and Kristin Ólafsdóttir. Four artistic short films were created for UNIFEM/UN Women’s fundraising event the Butterfly Week in March 2008. The films deal in an artistic way with the various manifestations of gender-based violence worldwide. The short films were produced by Kristin Olafsdottir at Klikk Productions. The Poem . 2008Written and directed […]