Orbis Terræ – Ora


Orbis Terræ-Ora was a theatrical performance based on the play The Island Remains, written by Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir.

The piece was developed through devised theatre methods, directed by Margret Vilhjalmsdottir and was premiered at theReykjavík Arts Festival in the Culture House in Reykjavík in 2009.

Over 30 artists took part in creating Orbis Terræ-Ora, including the performance group 16lovers, and approximately twenty activists and representatives from non-governmental organisations in Iceland, participated in a staged refugee camps outside the Centre for Cultural Heritage, which the guests visited before entering the building turned-into-theatre.

The Island remains is a play about 5 female friends meeting on the island after 13 years of separation due to the wars in former Yugoslavia. The play explores the effects a war has on individuals and friendship.

The transcript is available upon request in English and Icelandic.

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