Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir is an Icelandic author, speaker, film maker and sustainability leader who brings together ideas and people across sectors and disciplines to inspire creative mindsets and constructive solutions.

A firm believer that change starts from within, Hrund draws on her broad-based and global experience ranging from sustainable businesses, post-conflict reconstruction and development, film making, the arts to various roles in the private and public sectors where she has led innovative projects.

Hrund is an Advisory Council member at Yale’s International Leadership Centre, a board member of Eyrir Invest and Nordic Ignite Angel Ambassador. She has been recognised for her work as a Yale World Fellow, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Cultural Leader, and Icelandic Ocean Cluster’s Sustainability Leader.

Endorsements for the InnSæi book:

Published by Lagom/Bonnier books UK, 14. March 2024.
This book is a love letter, an ode to the magnificent, complex, largely incomprehensible but fascinating world that exists within us all, our InnSæi, (pronounced In-Sy-Eh) – the Icelandic word for intuition and implies ‘the sea within us’, ‘to see within’ and ‘to see from the inside out’. It is based on the belief that the more we navigate life aligned to our InnSæi, the more we can open up to the beautiful, generous world that lies outside us.
Both the planet and the human race are now asking for a different, more humane and eco-centric (rather than ego-centric) compass to navigate our ways into flourishing futures.
Given our immense power in today’s world to enhance or suppress life on Earth, I believe that connecting deeply with InnSæi will not only help us innovate more sustainably and make better decisions, it will also enable us to see deeper valleys and brighter colours and bring a sense of awe and wonder back into our lives and the lives of others.

Drawing on a blend of ancient wisdom, science, philosophy and practical tools, this book inspires readers to approach life in a more grounded, creative and mindful way.

“Never before have we needed the human superpowers of creativity, empathy, tolerance and open-mindedness so much. These superpowers are threatened by our modern over-emphasis on rational thinking, algorithms, the way we are constantly bombarded with information, distraction and insecurities, and the increasing levels of burn-out, anxiety and stress. Our greatest hope for a bright tomorrow lies in shifting the centre of gravity by reconnecting within, to other beings and the natural world."

– Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, InnSæi 2024.