Work with the United Nations on complex emergencies, development & leadership

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir has held various positions with the United Nations. She was the programme manager for UNIFEM (now UN Women), during its first post-conflict reconstruction programme, in Kosovo 2001-2002. The programme focused on Governance, Gender and Leadership and resulted in the creation of a Kosovo Action Plan on Gender Equality and Gender Equality Law. She held a permanent position with the United Nations, based in Geneva, but resigned from the position in 2004 because she felt the system disconnected her from urgent global challenges, people and the planet. Since then she has done occasional consultancies on projects she has felt more hands-on and promising when it comes to impact, for the MoFA in Iceland, with UN Women in the Balkans and Bangladesh, most recently in 2020. Between 2000-2010 she lectured and gave talks on post-conflict reconstruction and gender in universities and at international conferences.

Her consultancy focuses on building strategy and partnerships around long-term economic security and employment, gender equality, women’s rights, diverse leadership and applying strategies of future foresight for peace building and sustainability.

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